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SME Retailer: Loyalty, Awareness, Sales, Trial

If your marketing efforts are not effective in one of these areas, your product or brand won't last in the marketplace. The spotlight here will shine on those campaigns that had one or more of these objectives as the driver for the effort.


In-Hotel Credit Card Acquisition

Less than half of one percent of Priority Club® Select Visa® (the loyalty program’s credit card of the InterContinental Hotels Group) cardholders are acquired every year from the in-hotel channel. With 3,500 hotels in the Americas and 48,000 loyalty program members checking in everyday, this performance was abysmal. This channel obviously needed some CPR. We set out to re-imagine what this channel could and should do and within 5 months yielded an increase of 12,513% in approved applications over the same period last year! It was a huge success!

  • Brand:InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Client:InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
  • Agency:OgilvyOne Worldwide

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