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Submit Your Entry

The online entry portal will be accessible January 2019.


Step 2

Download Entry Materials

2019 entry materials will be available December 2018.

Step 1

Things to know before entering.

The challenge is open to students enrolled full/part-time in portfolio programs, undergraduate/graduate students at accredited educational institutions. The Subaru Challenge is a national competition, open to students in the US.  Additionally-

-   International students who have a valid student visa.

Entries may be submitted by a group ("team") of two to four individuals. Teams may not exceed four persons.  Team members are not required to attend the same school.  All concepts must be the work of the students, but participants are encouraged to seek the advice and guidance of professors/instructors/faculty advisors.   

All participants must sign the non-disclosure agreement before receiving the client brief. You may request the client brief by emailing

Participants are required to complete an entry form.  Primary research and testing through focus groups, interviews, ethnographies, or observation is strongly encouraged.  Entrants are required to provide one primary research source. All data, claims, & facts included anywhere in the entry form must be from a verifiable source.  

CREATIVE REEL (4 mins. max)
Participants must sumbit a creative compilation showcasing the creative that brought the big idea to life.  Creative/communication elements must directly relate to strategic objectives.   

Participants may not use work (music/videos/images) that they do not own the rights to. Stock/Free images & music are permissible. 
Qualifying entries will be judged by experienced marketing and advertising professionals, of various disciplines, hand-picked from around the country. 
All elements of an entry – strategic brief and creative elements – are judged.  After each entry is reviewed, the judges engage in a brief discussion before finalizing their scores. Scoring is done anonymously and confidentially.  During the process judges also individually recommend entries they consider finalist worthy (“finalist flags”).  As each entry is reviewed, judges provide written constructive feedback.  This feedback is later provided to qualifying entrants.

Judges will evaluate how effectively the work addresses the following:
Challenge, Context  & Objectives
(Entry Form – Question 1. a-c)……………………………25%
Insights & Idea
(Entry Form - Question 2. a-b)…....……………………….25%
(Entry Form – Question 3. a-b)…………………………… 25%
Measurement Methodology
(Entry Form - section 4. a-c)……………………………….25% 

Judges review and score entries independently via the online portal.  Online judging serves as a preliminary review for the group judging sessions.

Based on the scores received during the preliminary round, select entries will advance to the qualifying round.  At this stage, judges review the work in a group setting, but still score independently.  After each entry is reviewed, the judges engage in a brief discussion before finalizing their scores.

Based on the results of the online and group judging sessions, Effie Collegiate will recommend entries to Subaru for review. Subaru will evaluate five to ten semi-finalists submissions to determine finalists.

From the pool of semi-finalists, at least two teams will be selected as finalists.  Finalists are invited to present their ideas in-person to the sponsor. Travel and lodging expenses will be covered for finalists by the sponsor.
Participating in the Effie Collegiate competition is an opportunity to create comprehensive marketing plans for real-world marketers. Selected Finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the sponsor.

Additionally, the sponsor will generously award the following monetary prizes per team:

1st Place:                           $ 3,000
Runner Up:                        $ 2,000
Honorable Mention         $ 500   

NOTE:  Up to three Honorable Mentions are awarded at the sole discretion of the brand.