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Download all materials here. Entries will be submitted in the Entry Portal.

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Review Effie's Rules & Regulations

Review key information regarding the 2022 competition below.  More details can be found in the Entry Kit.
The Global Best of the Best Effie Awards celebrate the world’s most effective marketing - ideas that work.  There is incredible work being done by our industry and we believe that work should be celebrated and elevated to inspire others from which we can learn.  The Global Best of the Best Effies unify our global marketing community around the power of ideas and the learnings that grow our businesses.
The 2022 Global Best of the Best Effie Awards is open to all 2021 Gold & Grand Effie winners from Effie’s regional and national programs. This year’s competition will be virtual, which allows for global marketing leaders to safely participate on this year’s juries, wherever they may be.  
As a Grand or Gold Effie winner, you have already proven that your work was the most effective in your national and/or regional Effie program.  The Global Best of the Best competition elevates the achievement one step further to compete for the first-ever Global Grand Effie in your category.  The Global Grand Effie winners will then move on to the final round of judging to compete for the first and only Iridium Effie, the single most effective marketing effort worldwide.   There will only be one Iridium awarded each year.
Entries will be judged by leaders from across brands, agencies, media and technology platforms, from the world’s brightest and best agencies, brands, media and technology companies.
This Entry Kit is a reference to guide you through the competition entry process, providing full details on this year’s rules & regulations.  If you have any questions, please write to us at
Entrants will transfer their Gold-winning entry from their national/regional Effie program to the Best of the Best Entry Form.  NOTE: Space is also provided in each section of the entry form to add local market context. Entrants are encouraged to use these areas to provide cutural and competitive local context for judges. 

While the Best of the Best entry form requires you to submit some additional background information on your market, you cannot update the results of your previous Gold Effie winning case and your entry can only be edited where necessary due to discrepancies between your national/regional program’s entry form & this entry form. Entrants must also upload a copy of their original submission.

Market Background
On the Best of the Best Entry Form, entrants are asked to also provide further context on their local market.  While judges are global marketers, they may not be familiar with the unique nuances within the market in which your case ran. Provide them with any context that will help them better understand your local context and marketplace.  There is space to provide local market context in each section of the Best of the Best entry form.
Best of the Best Effie entries are judged by some of the brightest and most experienced business leaders from around the world. We draw on their experience to not only judge the work of their peers but to highlight learning for the industry overall.  

At Round One Judging, each jury member is asked to review 8-10 cases across a range of categories. Each jury member reviews the written case and creative examples independently, providing numerical scores and written feedback. Cases that score high enough become finalists and move on to Final Round Judging.
At Final Round Judging, finalists are judged in a group setting.  Finalists are judged against other finalists within their category, and like Round One, all elements of each case are reviewed and scored.  While the discussion is an integral part of the process, judges score each case independently.  Final Round Judges determine which case in each category will earn the Global Grand Effie in that category.

Following Final Round Judging, a select jury will meet to determine the single case deemed most effective - the Iridium Effie.  

Jurors are specifically matched with cases that do not prove a conflict of interest. For example, a judge with an automotive background would not review automotive cases. Judges also are required to sign an NDA before gaining access to their assigned entries.

Scoring Criteria
Judges in Round One and Final Round are asked to evaluate a case's effectiveness using the following scoring system:

Challenge, Context & Objectives.......23.3%
Insights & Strategic Idea......................23.3%
Bringing the Idea to Life.......................23.3%

The judges’ scores determine which entries will be finalists and which finalists are awarded a Global Grand Effie trophy. Cases must meet minimum score requirements in order to be eligible for finalist status or for an award. Effie trophies are awarded in each category at the discretion of the judges. It is possible that some categories may produce no winner.

See further details on the judging process and scoring system in the Entry Kit.

Everything you need to know to enter the Best of the Best competition.
Review category definitions.
Original entry responses will need to be transferred to this Best of the Best Entry Form.

The Entry Portal is open for entry. Access the Entry Portal via the link below to start a new submission or to continue working on entries you have started.

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