Healthcare - Rx - Consumer/DTC

Efforts for prescription required drugs that are directed to patients and/or consumers.  Note: Entrants must detail any regulatory challenges that impacted the effort.



GILENYA HEY MS, Take This! Campaign

When you're the first oral medication for Multiple Sclerosis, it just sells itself, right? Not so fast. We had to overcome the status quo of fearful people with MS and their passive treatment decision-making process within an increasingly crowded MS-treatment landscape. The solution was to tap the passion, frustration, and optimistic patients themselves. Giving them an unprecedented platform for them to open up, share, reflect, support, and shout helped change entrenched behaviors. HEY MS, TAKE THIS! broke other barriers: GILENYA requests jumped 66% from the prior year.

Client: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Agency: FCB Health
Language: English

At the Corner of Happy and Healthy

In 2012, the retail pharmacy industry was battered by the changing healthcare environment, sluggish economy and growing competition among big box retailers. With little differentiation in the category, consumers didnt have a compelling reason to switch. Walgreens understood we needed to be more relevant to consumers, and further fulfill our purpose of helping people get, stay, and live well. We tapped into our heritage and what we already owned to demonstrate that Walgreens is helping everyone arrive "At the Corner of Happy and Healthy."

Brand: Walgreens
Client: Walgreens
Agency: GSD&M
Language: English

No Such Thing as a Little Flu

How do you take a really big problemthe fluand get consumers to treat it that way? Thats the challenge we faced with prescription Tamiflu. For decades, consumers have been treating the flu like a little cold so the opportunity to define Tamiflu in consumers' minds was clear: the flu is a big deal and calls for a prescription solution. Since launch, No Such Thing as a Little Flu has reached nearly 2 billion impressions, and Tamiflu is now on par for brand awareness with OTC medications.

Brand: Tamiflu
Client: Genentech, Inc.
Agency: HealthWorkpoweredby BBDO&CDMI
Language: English

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