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Efforts for prescription required drugs that are directed to patients and/or consumers.  Note: Entrants must detail any regulatory challenges that impacted the effort.



Passion / Power

The Lantus Passion/Power campaign was developed to withstand the first competitive threat in the Brands history. Faced with two revolutionary, new product entrants in the diabetes category and a direct competitor, each challenged Lantus' #1 brand position in a different way. Moreover, Lantus had very low awareness among its core target as the brand hadn't advertised before in any significant way. A strategy based on a solid foundation of consumer insight surrounding the emotional impact of diabetes in sufferers and a core functional point of difference were leveraged. While it would have been easy to go the safe, traditional DTC medical advertising route, Lantus chose a more engaging, aspirational creative approach. The campaign created a successful barrier against the competitive upstarts and resulted in the brand meeting its objectives.

Brand: Lantus
Client: sanofi-aventis
Agency: Euro RSCG Tonic


Zelnorm's first direct-to-consumer campaign for IBS-C successfully established the brand and overcame many consumer treatment barriers. DTC campaign objectives were to drive IBS-C sufferers into physicians offices to request Zelnorm, generate above-norm awareness of Zelnorm among sufferers and educate about Zelnorm's unique mechanism of action. The results surpassed all projections: 390,000 new patient prescriptions; total prescriptions increased 90%; new prescriptions increased 64%; brand and advertising awareness both 50 above norms and 71% of IBS-C sufferers believe Zelnorm works at the source to fix the problem.

Brand: Zelnorm
Client: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Agency: Deutsch Inc.

Hello My Name Is

Paxil, a very successful prescription drug for Social Anxiety Disorder until it lost patent protection in 2002, was on the decline in market share and was being outspent in the professional arena. Paxil CR (Controlled Release), a new "form" of Paxil, was launched to protect the franchise and address a large untapped consumer need: Continuous Relief. The campaign significantly exceeded objectives by achieving a 47% increase in patients requests and a 69% increase in total written prescriptions.

Brand: Paxil CR
Client: GlaxoSmithKline
Agency: McCann Erickson

2019_he_2019_e-3546-044_hero_1 Contrave Hate Your Cravings
2019_he_2019_e-4143-739_hero_1 Vraylar Precarious-Providing Balance to Bipolar I Patients
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