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Science Will Win

In early 2020, as uncertainty ruled, and the everyday was overrun by “alternate facts” and the objectivity of “science” was being openly questioned by some, Pfizer introduced a new corporate reputation campaign, SCIENCE WILL WIN. It provided tangible and believable evidence of change, reinforced Pfizer’s reputation as a patient-focused scientific leader within the Biopharma industry and put its big pharma past in the past.

Brand: Pfizer
Client: Pfizer Inc.
Agency: Grey NY
Language: English

UnitedHealthcare Take Advantage

The Medicare Advantage marketplace gets more crowded every year. UnitedHealthcare needed to find a way to stand out. The target—Boomers—are getting older, but definitely don’t feel old. Problem is, in popular entertainment and media, people 65+ are regularly shown as old, even feeble. UnitedHealthcare portrayed and made Boomers feel like “rock stars”. The campaign increased brand consideration and surpassed membership enrollment goals.

Brand: UnitedHealthcare
Client: UnitedHealthcare
Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago
Language: English

#MyWishForMoms gives voice to postpartum depression

Allegheny Health Network set out to break the silence surrounding the #1 complication of pregnancy -- postpartum depression. Over 500,000 women suffer annually, and most do so in silence. Harnessing the community-building power of social media, and the star power of pop icon Chrissy Teigen, #MyWishForMoms generated a phenomenal 19 million interactions online from women in all 50 states, 130 countries - and - a 126% increase in moms treated year over year. It became one giant step toward erasing the silence for this serious, at times fatal, health issue.

Brand: Allegheny Health Network
Client: Highmark Health
Agency: Doner
Language: English

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