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#MyWishForMoms gives voice to postpartum depression

Allegheny Health Network set out to break the silence surrounding the #1 complication of pregnancy -- postpartum depression. Over 500,000 women suffer annually, and most do so in silence. Harnessing the community-building power of social media, and the star power of pop icon Chrissy Teigen, #MyWishForMoms generated a phenomenal 19 million interactions online from women in all 50 states, 130 countries - and - a 126% increase in moms treated year over year. It became one giant step toward erasing the silence for this serious, at times fatal, health issue.

Brand: Allegheny Health Network
Client: Highmark Health
Agency: Doner
Language: English

Fail Fearlessly

MedExpress Urgent Care needed a way to pull 18-34-year-olds away from their habit of unnecessarily visiting the ER for injuries that could be treated faster, cheaper, and easier at MedExpress. We knew educating consumers about MedExpress's services during an emergency would be too late, so we educated them during the most non-emergency time we could think of by diagnosing fail videos on the internet. The work resulted in a 10% YoY increase in traffic for services like sprains, broken bones, and stitches.

Brand: MedExpress
Client: MedExpress
Agency: Fitzco
Language: English

The Sound of Shisha

The sound of shisha social experiment aimed to create a wake-up call amongst the Lebanese population, carelessly smoking its way to cancer because “shisha is not smoking”. Instead of confronting them we decided to use their beloved shisha itself as a device to help bring our message home and get people to directly question their behaviour while puffing on the poison. The video of our stunt spread like wildfire on social media, causing a heated national debate ultimately pushing a previously unwilling government to look into the issue. 

Brand: AUBMC
Client: AUBMC
Agency: TBWA/RAAD (Lebanon)
Language: English

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