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Can Thinking Small Win Big?

Pearle Vision was started by Dr. Stanley Pearle with one small practice. But 500 locations later, Dr. Pearles vision of neighborhood eye care got lost in a sea of big deals and promises. Our BIG challenge was to convince people, in a category where small independent doctors win, to re-consider Pearle Vision. By going back to our roots of small neighborhood eye care and building relationships one at a time, we went from being considered big-box chain eye care to being the national chain perceived as having the highest quality doctors.

Brand: Pearle Vision
Client: Luxottica
Agency: Energy BBDO
Language: English

The Sweet Donation

Brand: Baheya
Client: Baheya Women's Cancer Hospital
Agency: FP7/CAI
Language: English

The 11 Initiative

Because of Obamacare, health insurance will increasingly be sold directly to consumers instead of through the traditional B2B sales model. This is a problem for most health insurers, since the category is remarkably undifferentiated and most people dislike health insurers. Aetna started with a hero cause, smoking, to overcome distrust and demonstrate our commitment to helping people live healthily. Anti-smoking campaigns rely on scare tactics. We put a fresh, positive spin on quitting by dramatizing how every cigarette you dont smoke can give you back 11 minutes of your life.

Brand: Aetna
Client: Aetna Life Insurance Company
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English

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