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Can Thinking Small Pay Off Big-Time?

Pearle Vision was started by Dr. Stanley Pearle with a small practice in Savannah, Georgia. But nearly 600 stores later, Dr. Pearles vision of genuine care in every neighborhood got lost in a sea of big deals and big promises. Pearle Vision was talking big, but getting smaller. Our challenge was to convince people, in a category where small independent doctors win, to re-consider Pearle Vision. We saw big changes by going back to the future and thinking small delivering on Dr. Pearles dedication to genuine care neighborhood by neighborhood.

Brand: Pearle Vision
Client: Pearle Vision
Agency: Energy BBDO
Language: English

Get a Shot. Give a Shot.

While Walgreens was the first US pharmacy to offer flu shots, countless competitors were entering the marketplace, making flu shots ubiquitous. How could they differentiate a completely commoditized offering? Enter Get a Shot. Give a Shot. Through a partnership with the UN Foundations Shot@Life Campaign, we gave consumers an inspiring opportunity. By getting their flu shot at Walgreens, theyd help provide a life-saving vaccine to a child in need. And help, they did. Immunizations were 118% to goal, brand perceptions increased 21 points, and three million children received life-saving vaccines.

Brand: Walgreens Company
Client: Walgreens
Agency: GSD&M
Language: English

A New Conversation Promoting Mental Health in America

1 in 4 Americans are impacted by mental illness yet many suffer in silence; are you surprised? Mental illness is the most prejudiced issue in society. We found that if we want people to speak up, first we needed to promise: I will listen. #IWillListen was a way for people to advocate their support where it mattered most: on their social networks, at work, on campus and in their community. We earned 13K promises; inaugurated a statewide #IWilllisten day and created a new way for people to find help.

Brand: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) NYC Metro
Client: National Alliance on Mental Illness NYC Metro
Agency: J. Walter Thompson
Language: English

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