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Let's Do This Together

For a small state, RI had huge healthcare challenges including increased competition from national carriers. With new affordable plans, a new collaborative attitude, and in anticipation of the ACA it was time for BCBSRI to hit the rebrand button with one simple idea: healthcare challenges were so large that the best approach was a holistic one we had to do it together. By humanizing the health insurer and embedding the brand into the community, the campaign built trust and favorability, now a solid 20% higher than the competition.

Brand: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Client: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island
Agency: PARTNERS+simons
Language: English

HealthAmerica Responds

Brand: HealthAmerica
Client: HealthAmerica of Pittsburgh
Agency: M/A/R/C Advertising
Language: English

Don't Worry We Cover It.

Brand: CareFlorida's CareFree Medicare Plan
Client: CareFlorida Health Systems Inc.
Agency: Harris Drury Cohen
Language: English

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