Personal Care

Body wash, cotton swabs, deodorants, feminine hygiene products, soap, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, etc.



Always #LikeAGirl

Girls experience the biggest drop in confidence during puberty, around the same time as their first period. As a society, we contribute to that drop, often without even recognizing it. Always wanted to change this, so they created a rallying cry to reverse the meaning of a common playground insult to champion girls confidence through the #LikeAGirl campaign. #LikeAGirl gave life to our brand purpose and inspired our target. It created a global movement with 76MM views and spread beyond our wildest expectations!

Brand: Always
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago

Put SAM in Your Pants

Over 52 million women leak a little, but most of them overlook a category thats specifically tailored for their needs and instead purchase period pads. Somehow Poise had to get them to understand that a pad is not just a pad, landing what makes Poise pads uniquely designed to absorb urine: Super Absorbent Material. So how did they get women to engage with a technical product difference in a category thats avoided at all costs? They sexed up the incontinence category via a male acronym: SAM.

Brand: Poise
Client: Kimberly-Clark
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Dove Real Beauty Sketches - Winning back Dove Love

Only 4% of women believe they are beautiful. How could Dove inspire to the other 96% to think differently? We discovered the barrier to her feeling beautiful had fundamentally changed, and launched Dove Real Beauty Sketches: a social experiment that introduced women to her inner critic, proving they were more beautiful than they thought. It won back Dove Love by lifting womens esteem; it returned Dove to culture, drove a significant ROI - in under 5 months, with a spend of less than $1M.

Brand: Dove
Client: Unilever
Agency: Ogilvy Brasil

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