Personal Care

Body wash, cotton swabs, deodorants, feminine hygiene products, soap, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, etc.



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Beautifully Real Moms

In order to increase its share of the baby care market, Dove launched a campaign to promote its new baby care line.  This resulted in a 4 point increase in market share and an 85% sales lift vs. its old baby care line, in spite of premium pricing.  We also closed the brand equity gap vs Johnson & Johnson Baby, the market lead.  Key to our success was leaning into Dove’s Real Beauty heritage and giving moms permission to be real instead of perfect.

Brand: Baby Dove
Client: Unilever
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English

Sunsilk Fashion Edition

This is a story of a brand that has become the most loved in a highly competitive category by driving aspiration and building consumer relevance. PSFW is an engagement platform that has become the biggest fashion collaboration in the country and not only gives the brand leadership in equity (+500 bps) and market share (market leader at 24%) but also made it stand out as the biggest beauty brand in the category.

Brand: Sunsilk
Client: Unilever (Pakistan)
Agency: JWT Grey
Language: English

Amores Que Cambian

Winny siempre le ha hablado a las mamás con una gran verdad: el amor por un hijo es un amor como ningún otro. Mantuvimos la estrategia pero esta vez haciendo algo arriesgado incluso para nosotros: El amor por un hijo le “sacude” la vida a los hombres.  Al ampliar nuestro grupo objetivo y conectarnos ahora con los papás, no solo logramos aumentar la brecha de participación con el segundo competidor. La triplicamos.

Brand: Winny
Language: Spanish

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