Personal Care

Body wash, cotton swabs, deodorants, feminine hygiene products, soap, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, etc.



Bocas de verdad

Brand: Crema Dental Polar
Client: La Fabril
Agency: McCann Erickson Ecuador


Brand: L'oréal Paris
Client: L'oréal
Agency: McCann Paris

Rosita´s Trip

Quezalteca, was reporting a fall in volume derived from strong competition for what had to be "revalued as a high quality national product" and presented as a viable option of consumption for young people, where beer occupies the preferred place. The downward trend of previous years should be stopped and awareness generated to attract new consumers. Quezalteca not only managed to stop the decline in sales of previous years but achieved the acceptance of the brand in youngers segment closing 5.80% above 2015 and 4.62% versus budget for the same period 2016

Brand: Quezalteca
Client: Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala
Agency: Leo Burnett Guatemala

2019_co_2019_e-280-187_hero_1 LISTERINE® Control Cálculo Zero™ Alcohol Activa Un Escudo Invisible Contra El Cálculo Dental
2018_na_2018_e-2685-435_hero_1 Old Spice Wild Campaign
Blog_image Novanuit Les bons conseils

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