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Body wash, cotton swabs, deodorants, feminine hygiene products, soap, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, etc.




Brand: Zeiss Vision Care France
Client: Zeiss
Agency: Gyro


This is a story of an idea that helps leading skincare brand OLAY take first among the category by inspiring millions of Chinese women to defy age taboo fearlessly on 2018 Women’s day. By bringing the powerful female icons Lin Chiling, He Shui, Gao Yuan Yuan and more than 100 top KOLs answered with a number that sounds like an age, but a personal achievement anecdote, OLAY successfully made Chinese women to finally openly share and believe that “the number that defines a woman is not her age, but her fearless story”.

Brand: OLAY
Client: P&G China
Agency: Grey Advertising Hong Kong

WELLFON mask 2018 woman'day brand micro film "you are great"

On the 2018 women's day, the WELLFON mask made a deep emotional communication with the target audience through a microfilm reflecting the status of Chinese women working overtime and salute the great women. It clearly conveys the brand proposition and product interest points, effectively occupying the consumer mind of the "late night mask" subdivision market. With very little input, it has gained a very amazing transmission effect. Not only that, the case also created a hot topic of society - "not home at three in the morning", which triggered a whole social discussion and reflection, with great social value and far-reaching impact.

Agency: Target Xplus

2019_co_2019_e-280-187_hero_1 LISTERINE® Control Cálculo Zero™ Alcohol Activa Un Escudo Invisible Contra El Cálculo Dental
2018_na_2018_e-2685-435_hero_1 Old Spice Wild Campaign
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