Engaged Community

This category is about managing effective, engaged communities.  Entrants will be brands that are creating content, experiences, and platforms that get their communities to grow, act or amplify messaging in a way that directly relates to the brand's goal.



Celebrating an Unlikely Hero

After five years, we needed to keep gamers excited. Working side-by-side with the game team, we designed a month-long story with tentpole moments for mass awareness and sustained daily beats for hyper-involved fans. We synchronized our storytelling between two key channels: activities unfolding live in-game, and interactive out-of-game content revolving around the Builder’s adventure. The Builder’s journey used that magic to incredible ends with 56 million players logging in, game participation spiking 67%, 500,000 visitors to worldwide experiences, 187 million views on two YouTube videos and 4.1 million AR videos.

Brand: Supercell Clash of Clans
Client: Supercell
Agency: Barton F. Graf

Family Tree

People with a personal connection to SickKids are more likely to become donors. So, even if you haven’t had a child at the hospital, how do we help people realize they may have a personal connection to the SickKids family? The SickKids Family Tree was born. An online hub that connects everyone SickKids has ever impacted. By giving our advocates a platform to declare and share their personal connections to SickKids, we generated 13,974 (550% above target) new leads, at $8.5 per lead 81% less industry average ($43).

Brand: SickKids Foundation
Client: SickKids Foundation
Agency: Cossette

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

How do you get a world tired of zombie stories excited about another zombie video game? You don’t focus on the undead monsters, you expose the monster within. There are tough moral questions that every survivor must face in the apocalypse and we used these questions to create intrigue and anticipation. By re-framing a new entry into an overcrowded genre, State of Decay 2 was able to go from a little-known indie game sequel to a blockbuster hit. 

Brand: Xbox
Client: Microsoft
Agency: 215 McCann

2019_ca_2019_e-111-184_hero_1 Juicy Fruit The Real #Goat
2019_ca_2019_e-166-818_hero_1 Canadian Paralympic Committee The Paralympic Network
2019_ro_2019_51_hero_1 Lidl The First 24 Hours Facebook Live Marathon

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