Engaged Community

This category is about managing effective, engaged communities.  Entrants will be brands that are creating content, experiences, and platforms that get their communities to grow, act or amplify messaging in a way that directly relates to the brand's goal.



World Pride 2019

For WorldPride 2019, Mastercard had its biggest opportunity yet to deliver real change for the LGBTQIA+ community. We shone a light on the most marginalized within that community—transgender and non-binary individuals—to identify a pain point too often brushed aside. With a product innovation (True Name) and a symbol of inclusion (Acceptance Street), we offered a simple yet powerful solution. The result was a tremendously positive response within the LGBTQIA+ community and real change driven within the financial services industry.

Brand: Mastercard
Client: Mastercard
Agency: McCann New York
Language: English

Keeping Fortnite Fresh

When popular video game Fortnite announced a new game mode called Food Fight, Wendy’s found a way in: we destroyed in-game burger freezers alongside gamers for more than nine hours. We not only successfully entered the world of Fortnite, we changed it, as game developers removed burger freezers from Fortnite.

Brand: Wendy's
Client: Wendy's
Agency: VMLY&R
Language: English

It Just Has to Make Sense to Someone

Attention is an endangered species; it’s nearly impossible to stand out in hyper-fragmented media environments. Declining in attention and visitation among a 18-24 y/o target, Burger King tasked asked for help. Our goal was simple: Make Burger King loved and talked about online. We discovered a vast ocean of intermixed subcultures within our audience, then developed a theory: Celebrate and support niche interests and we’ll generate feelings of validation, acceptance, and, ultimately, brand love. We created an engine for content creation, and the results were beyond anything we could imagine.

Brand: Burger King
Client: Restaurant Brands International
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Language: English

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2020_us_2020_e-5698-298_hero_1 Havana Club AMPARO: Experience the Real Story of Havana Club
2019_ca_2019_e-111-184_hero_1 Juicy Fruit The Real #Goat

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