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Engaged Community

This category is about managing effective, engaged communities.  Entrants will be brands that are creating content, experiences, and platforms that get their communities to grow, act or amplify messaging in a way that directly relates to the brand's goal.





Históricamente, el exprés de Papa John’s ha creado más chichas que alegrías a la hora de ordenar. El caos se debe al sistema de call center que por franquicia se debe manejar. No hay quite. Por eso decidimos crear nuestra propia plataforma de pedido en línea. Pero en lugar de sólo lanzarla, hicimos que la gente la pidiera. ¿Cómo? Creando una petición online (iniciada por la gente) para que Papa John’s habilitara una plataforma de pedido en línea. La meta, lograr al menos 100,000,000 de clicks. Se lograron 376,531,440 y la marca en efecto sacó la plataforma, y la gente lo sintió como un esfuerzo logrado por ellos.

  • Brand: Papa John's
  • Client: Papa John's
  • Agency: Interaction

Be The Guy

Young men yearn for greatness, but struggle with self-doubt. But for Be The Match, these guys are biologically ideal bone marrow donors. To demonstrate their unique role in curing blood cancers and other life-threatening diseases, we flipped the script—shifting the focus from patients to donors. Because simply being who they are qualifies them to do something truly great. The campaign increased this critical demographic on the registry by more than 50% and registered thousands of additional new donors, ultimately positioning the organization to save more lives.

  • Brand: Be The Match
  • Client: Be The Match
  • Agency: space150

Dove Hair #LoveYourCurls Emojis

Dove Hair is committed to redefining traditional standards of beauty and ensuring women and girls with curly hair continue to feel represented and see accurate reflections of themselves in the world around them, including social media. Dove Hair introduced Love Your Curls: Emojis to fill a void and ensure women and girls can express themselves through this common social language. By creating a keyboard filled with emojis with multiple curl types, textures and colors, Dove Hair started a viral conversation via a timely and relevant social medium.

  • Brand: Dove Hair
  • Client: Unilever
  • Agency: Edelman
2017_na_2017_e-1655-821_hero_1 Subaru of America #MakeADogsDay
2017_na_2017_e-1564-159_hero_1 Art Institute of Chicago Van Gogh BnB
2017_na_2017_e-1184-325_hero_1 Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day The Hunt for the First Ever Mrs. Meyer's Home 'Maker'


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