Branded Utility

This category honors marketers who are creating a product in response to the marketing or business challenged faced that is NOT being sold in order to provide utility to consumers. 



Liniya Zaboti (Care Line)

There are 46.5 million pensioners in Russia, and 16% of them are the Post Bank’s clients. Elderly people easily become targets of fraud, mostly because often there are nobody to address a question to. Post Bank has decided to help pensioners and to establish a free “Line of Care”, on which pensioners can call and get advice on social, legal, psychological, administrative and other issues. To inform about it and to motivate people to transfer their pensions to Post Bank, we have called to our current retired clients and made a federal advertising campaign in a vivid memorable style.

Brand: POST Bank
Client: Pochta Bank PAO
Agency: Instinct
Language: English, Russian

Tele2 Rain Wifi: "Charged with rain"

How to build innovative image of operator and convince subscribers of competitors that Tele2 has high quality 4G Internet?Rain Wi-Fi is the world's first 4G router that charges from rain and turns weather conditions into free Internet. Router distribute it in places where there is no signal. Router is installed in a drainpipe, then rain activates a turbine that provides Wi-Fi. The operator invited residents of St. Petersburg to choose places to install routers.Instead of getting bored in the rain in the most remote places for mobile communication, it will now be possible to test 4G Internet from Tele2.          

Brand: Tele2
Client: T2 Mobile LLC
Agency: Geometry Global
Language: English, Russian

Long Awaited First Touch

Our idea was to activate our premature diaper donation program through the very thing baby can’t have touch from the mom. We created a campaign with a donation mechanism powered by a touch, social posters, a film and in-store all based around baby’s long wait for mother’s touch.

Brand: Pampers
Client: P&G China
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Language: Mandarin

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