Branded Utility

This category honors marketers who are creating a product in response to the marketing or business challenged faced that is NOT being sold in order to provide utility to consumers. 



Sugar-Crisp Spout

In order to get Gen Z to connect with an off the radar brand in a declining category, we designed the Sugar-Crisp Spout - a totally new way to let youth, and more specifically gamers, eat Sugar-Crisp.  This resulted in a 15% increase in sales within the first month of the giveaway period. Key to our success was creating a handsfree device that would unlock a delicious stream of Sugar-Crisp straight from the box to their mouth. 

Brand: Sugar-Crisp
Client: Post Foods Canada
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English

Launch of online store

“Perekrestok” has built a federal chain and become a strong player at the traditional retail format. For business development, it was important to enter the rapidly growing e-grocery market and launch online store. It was necessary to overcome categorical barriers, developing the entire e-grocery market, but at the same time reserving the convenience of online grocery shopping for its brand. Now there is no need to go shopping, while buying food at you can sit, lie down, read, dream, sing, play, without leaving home, and even sunbathe.

Brand: Perekrestok
Client: Perekrestok Trading House JSC
Agency: Instinct
Language: English, Russian

Intel Preserves A Legacy

Intel has internationally advanced technology in the field of artificial intelligence. In recent years, Intel has devoted itself to applying artificial intelligence technology to many fields and to solve big problems. After experiencing thousands of years of natural weathering erosion and human disturbance, the Great Wall of China is in a precarious situation and needs to be repaired. And its great span and tortuous terrain have caused great difficulties for the repair work. Intel's combination of advanced drone technology and artificial intelligence has enabled the virtual reconstruction of the Jiankou Great Wall, providing a new and efficient solution for the repair, while allowing more through a series of creative content with social and communication attributes. People understand the status quo of the Great Wall and pay attention to the repair and protection of cultural monuments.

Brand: Intel
Client: Intel China
Agency: Innokids Communications Limited
Language: Mandarin

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