Branded Utility

This category honors marketers who are creating a product in response to the marketing or business challenged faced that is NOT being sold in order to provide utility to consumers. 



KFC Delivery by God of Rain

In China, KFC Delivery receives over 500,000 orders every day. Orders can surge 100% whenever it rains. Every KFC staff has to deal with a large number of orders in a very short time. How could KFC maintain delivery sales growth while relieve the pressure of order preparation?
Introducing KFC Delivery by God of Rain. Based on weather report APP MOJI‘s LBS technology, KFC launched a limited edition menu only available on rainy days. By leveraging outdoor screens and weather data, KFC reminds everyone there is rainy day menu on rainy days. Through the real-time weather monitoring by MOJI APP to accurately position rainy cities, consumers could unlock the rainy day menu whenever their cities rain.
It not only attracted consumers to easily place order on rainy days, but also enabled KFC to prepare products in advance and greatly shortened the serving time.

Brand: KFC
Client: Yum! China
Agency: Isobar China Group
Language: Mandarin

Vending machines

In the cold summer of 2017 IKEA invited visitors to the parks to spend more time outdoors in an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, like at home, installing vending machines for the sale of blankets. IKEA proposal was enthusiastically accepted by residents of cities, which increased sales of blankets by 446% against the planned volume, on weekends vending machines replenished every 20-30 minutes.

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA
Agency: Instinct
Language: English, Russian

MyQuit Support Program

To provide meaningful support to smokers resolved to quit—but challenged by the behavioral and time management changes required—we created the MyQuit app and eCRM programs to offer personalized support to attune quitters to their smoking triggers, reinforce effective craving management, and track and celebrate progress throughout the quit journey. MyQuit powered a 143% brand lift for the Nicorette and NicoDerm brands, and, more critically, drove 54% of participants to complete the 8- or 12-week program successfully without relapsing.

Brand: Nicoderm CQ
Client: GSK
Agency: Wunderman Health
Language: English

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