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This category will honor those efforts that successfully target teens or young adults.




The Cognitive Dress

Millennials hold the purse strings for 43% of IT spending. But how do you reach an audience that turns to popular culture, not to commercials, to judge technology brands? On fashions biggest night of the year, The Met Gala (themed Manus x Machina), IBMs AI technology, Watson, collaborated with Marchesa to design a Cognitive Dress that understood and responded to the mood of the crowd. IBM outperformed official Gala sponsor Apple on share of voice 5 to 1, and rose from 4thto 1stpreferred IT brand among U.S. millennials.

  • Brand: IBM
  • Client: IBM
  • Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Run Like Hell

Teenagers like doing risky things. The adolescent brain seeks new experiences, underestimates consequences, and feels rewarded by taking risks its a natural part of development from childhood to adulthood. But it also leads some teens to try a cigarette, even though they know smoking is bad for them. So we went beyond simply telling them about the dangers of cigarettes, and instead gave them a visceral, negative experience linked to cigarettes: an experience that feels risky in place of a behavior that actually is risky.

  • Brand: FDA Center for Tobacco Products The Real Cost
  • Client: FDA, Center for Tobacco Products
  • Agency: FCB New York

Finish It

After years of decline, smoking was being renormalized among teens. While young people know the dangers of regular smoking, many were social smokers who considered this not real smoking and were broadcasting their actions across the Insta-nation at scale, unwittingly helping Big Tobacco recruit the next generation of smokers. Realizing the only way to reverse this trend was leveraging our targets enormous social influence, we reinvented truth as a modern revolution to activate teens who dont smoke to band together to become the generation that ends smoking to FINISH IT."

  • Brand: truth
  • Client: truth initiative
  • Agency: 72andSunny
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2017_na_2017_e-1154-772_hero_1 truth initiative Prevent #CATmageddon
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