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Shut Eye

The Sing n' Snore Ernie marketing success story in 1997 in truly noteworthy when one considers just a year earlier, Moms all across the U.S. purchased a cute, cuddly Sesame Street licensed plush toy named Tickle Me Elmo. The sales results speak for themselves. However, the true measure of Sing n' Snore Ernie's 1997 performance on Tyco Preschool will be realized long after the sales numbers have been forgotten. Two consecutive years-first Elmo and now Ernie-of Marketing might have not only legitimized the Tyco Preschool brand in the eyes of the consumer, but far more importantly have legitimized it in the eyes of the trade/retailer. Tyco Preschool's proven track record has catapulted the toy company into the ' big leagues' along side brands like Fisher Price, Playschool and Little Tykes.

Brand: Tyco Preschool - Sing n' Snore Ernie
Client: Tyco Toys, Inc.
Agency: D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles
Language: English

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