Shopper Marketing: Awareness, Trial, and Conversion

For efforts that used shopper insights to increase awareness and trial to lead to conversion for their established product/brands.



Samsung Galaxy S7

Brand: Samsung
Client: Samsung
Agency: Pedro, Juan y Diego

From a fading brand for the chosen ones into a thriving brand for everyone in 2 years

A long time ago METRO was a desired place for shopping for final costumers. But when a lot of supermarkets appeared close to door everyone forgot about Metro with cards system only for self-employed and located in remoted area. Brand opened its doors for everyone and launched new communication platform «Wholesale for all» to re-conquer costumers. During two years we were revealing that Metro added new meaning of wholesale, namely: wholesale is not only for self employed, it is for everyone; wholesale is for all life situations and begins with only 3 items; wholesale is truly low prices, and after all wholesale is joyful. As the result sales growth outpaces the category growth by 1.5 items during last two years.

Brand: METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine
Client: METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Ukraine

Mi Pass

Brand: Banco de Chile
Client: Banco de Chile
Agency: Prolam Young & Rubicam

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