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Awareness, Trial, and Conversion

For efforts that used shopper insights to increase awareness and trial to lead to conversion for their established product/brands.




Walgreens "Do Deo Better"

Unilever grew a typically low engagement deodorant category at Walgreens by turning confused deodorant users into re-engaged, educated shoppers elevating the benefits of Unilever products in the process.  We did this by creating a needs-based segmentation that resulted in a first-ever color-coded way-finding system, allowing shoppers to be prompted, guided, advised and inspired across the entire path to purchase.  Armed with information, inspired shoppers helped grow the category by 10.24%, outpacing growth in all other channels.

  • Brand: Axe, Dove Men+Care, Degree for Men, Degree for Women, Dove female.
  • Client: Unilever
  • Agency: Team Unilever Shopper

Underjams at Walmart Overcomes Bedwetting

When a child struggles with bedwetting, it impacts more than just the child, as Mom feels she has failed as a mother. Mothers of children who struggle with bedwetting need advice on what to do and a better way of communicating with her child about this sensitive topic. Pampers UnderJams offered expert counsel and a unique solution to reach her child. Mom’s responded by finding UnderJams at Walmart, leading to business growth.

  • Brand: Pampers UnderJams
  • Client: Procter & Gamble
  • Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi X

Go Commando

How does the #5 toilet paper brand come from behind to claim the category’s raison d’être: getting you clean? The Cottonelle brand’s unique texture “removes more,” but shoppers thought their current toilet paper got them clean enough – and didn’t want to hear otherwise. So Cottonelle challenged people’s confidence in clean by asking, “Are you clean enough to go commando?” By changing how shoppers choose their toilet paper, Cottonelle surpassed its full-year brand equity goal in six months, boosted share by 7.3%, and leapfrogged a competitor to become the #4 brand.

  • Brand: Cottonelle
  • Client: Kimberly-Clark Corp.
  • Agency: Geometry Global
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