Commerce & Shopper: Awareness, Trial, and Conversion

For efforts that used shopper insights to increase awareness and trial to lead to conversion for their established product/brands.



Kotex: BTL of the XXI century without BTL

Competition in the feminine care category is strong due to the complex audience switching. Therefore, personal experience and trial purchase are very important for business growth. We have created new code of communication with girls in VKontakte with the help of kitty Anfisa’s stickers, branded videos and coupons via chatbot. 114 000 girls have used the coupon (exceeded the forecasts in 3,8 times). The conversion of those who received coupons was 5,7% (average 2%). The cost of a trial purchase reduced in 2,5 times versus standard mechanics without territorial limits!

Brand: Kotex
Client: KimberlyClark LLC
Agency: Mindshare
Language: English, Russian

Boy or Girl? Play with Huggies.

Communications around children’s goods are usually based on gender stereotypes. But we have come to realize that boys and girls are very much alike. Girls aged under three enjoy playing with toy cars, while boys may play with dolls. Their only difference is the one that Huggies takes care of.  To make parents aware of the key benefits of Huggies, we offered them to play a game. We gave them a set of photographs and asked them to guess whether the children in there were girls or boys. Made a great deal of mistakes helped parents embrace the brand’s motto. 

Brand: Huggies Ultra Comfort
Client: KimberlyClark LLC
Agency: Seven
Language: English, Russian

Samsung Galaxy S7

Brand: Samsung
Client: Samsung
Agency: Pedro, Juan y Diego
Language: Spanish

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