Shopper Marketing: Awareness, Trial, and Conversion

For efforts that used shopper insights to increase awareness and trial to lead to conversion for their established product/brands.



Gain Flings Launch

How do you convince a budget-conscious, scent-aholic shopper to trade up to Gain laundry packets from her beloved Gain liquid at a 40% price premium? You give her 3 Big Things in One Little Fling! With joyful, scented in-store tools, we connected her irrational love of Gain with rational validation she needed to buy. The result was the best performing product launch in brand history. Just 8 months after launch, Gain Flings have blown away all expectations - tracking at 119% of sales goal and 195% of repeat purchase goal.

Brand: Gain
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: The Integer Group

Pantene Weather Program

Pantene was losing touch with consumers, facing massive competitive noise in the hair care category, and was seeing a decline in sales. The solution to these challenges was to grab our consumers attention by offering her a haircast. Partnering Pantene with the The Weather Channel, we gave her a location-specific forecast paired with product solutions for her hair, where/when she was checking the weather. The results were a 28% sales lift, 600,000+ social impressions, and beautiful hair whatever the weather for her.

Brand: Pantene
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide

Cloud 10 - Revitalizing the Airport as an acquisition channel

American Express's Platinum Card franchise had been lagging in Canada, experiencing steady application declines. The Airport channel had historically been relied on to attract affluent prospects to the card, but had become stagnant. The solution: partner with Toronto Pearson International Airport to deliver an elevated experience, Cloud 10, which was designed to provide special treatment for current customers and to create Cardmember envy among prospects. Since launch Cloud 10 has successfully grown Platinum Card applications by 51% against forecast and delivered an exceptional ROMI of $2.74 for every $1 spent.

Brand: American Express Canada
Client: American Express Bank of Canada
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

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