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This category features events, platforms or programs that were created to meet the demands of the shopper that are driven by a season, holiday or cultural event.   



Summer With The Champagne of Beers

With millennials increasingly choosing canned beer for summer, Miller High Life needed to reimagine how their can package could play a role in their drinking occasions to stem volume declines. Millennials believe High Life’s champagne-style bottle makes it worthy of drinking, so we created Summer With The Champagne of Beers, an omni-channel program built around a limited edition packaging design that transformed every can of High Life into a champagne-like experience. The program drove a year-over-year increase in volume for Miller High Life’s cans, outpacing the economy beer segment.

Brand: Miller High Life
Client: Molson Coors
Agency: Arc Chicago
Language: English

Dunkin’ “All the Fall Things” 2020

In fall 2020, Dunkin’ faced dual headwinds: the dominance of our rival’s pumpkin spice latte and traffic declines due to COVID-19. However, by tapping into a shopper need for the early comfort of fall during a year of uncertainty, we gave Dunkin’ a motivating and differentiated way to win this highly competitive season. As a result, we saw a 122% increase in comp sales vs. Q2 (and a 4.1% increase vs 2019 fall), as well as an unexpected organic content trend inspired by one of millennials’ favorite 90s bands.

Brand: Dunkin'
Client: Dunkin Brands
Agency: Arc Chicago
Language: English

Created by Craftswomen

During Women’s History Month, we saw an opportunity to fight false gender perceptions around dark spirits to better support our female audience. We brought stories of Diageo’s female blenders/distillers into the spotlight to show the world that whiskey doesn’t have a gender, while finally representing and acknowledging this growing female segment. A story of authenticity and progress was told – an anomaly in the adult beverage category. We surpassed business goals and accomplished many first-time retail wins, proving that people show up for the brands that show up for them.

Brand: Diageo Dark Spirits Portfolio
Client: Diageo North America
Agency: Arc Worldwide
Language: English

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