Disease Awareness & Education: Pharma/Corporate

Brand/Client efforts designed to educate and/or promote health awareness.  Efforts targeted to either healthcare professionals, patients and/or consumers are eligible for this award. 



Drop Your Pants for Underwareness

665 million Americans have bladder control problems, and almost half of them are younger than 50. Statistically true, but hard to digest, Depend had a mission to shatter the societal stigma against incontinence. The shame around incontinence is inextricably linked to Depend, so when we redefine cultural norms, we redefine our brand. By creating a campaign that overcame the shame of bladder leakage through a mass, public display of solidarity, Depend significantly reduced the shame associated with the condition by 1/3 generating 19,000 sample requests in just the first month.

Brand: Depend
Client: Kimberly-Clark
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

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