Shopper Marketing: Category/Aisle Evolution

Some of the most impactful shopper marketing efforts occur when a deep understanding of shoppers’ attitudes, behaviors, and needs lead to innovative category/aisle evolution.



From Big Box to Food Boutiques

Metro Market didn't appeal to adventurous millennial shoppers who wanted intimate vs. huge and impersonal. By re-imagining and re-branding elements of the store to a create a public market-like atmosphere, they brought back young shoppers--and sales--in droves. Weekly visits increased by 64% and items per cart sales increased by 60%.

Brand: Roundy's/Metro Market
Client: Roundy's/Metro Market
Agency: Cramer-Krasselt

The Diageo Whiskey 5

The Diageo Whiskey 5 portfolio program was effective because for the first time, whiskey was categorized based on “taste” and was presented to shoppers in a new way “they” could understand…not through traditional retail/trade aisle classifications or swayed by price & quality perceptions. By breaking down a very complex and often confusing category into 5 taste profiles (Smooth, Spicy, Bold, Sweet, Smoky), shoppers were less intimidated and more confident to discover brands that suited their own tastes.

Brand: The Diageo Whiskey 5
Client: Diageo North America
Agency: Mosaic Shopper

Miles A Pump With Personality

In order to grow, it was imperative to engage with a younger demographic, but millennials don't care about gas the same way their parents did and they think of the experience at the pump as a "necessary evil". So we created Miles, an interactive gas pump that transformed the tedious act of getting gas into a fun experience.  Miles got over 800 media impressions and got consumers to remember BP and actively select us.

Brand: BP (British Petroleum)
Client: BP British Petroleum North America
Agency: Ogilvy

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2017_cl_2017_03_hero_1 Santa Rita 120 horas con el Arsenal
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