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Category/Aisle Evolution

Some of the most impactful shopper marketing efforts occur when a deep understanding of shoppers’ attitudes, behaviors, and needs lead to innovative category/aisle evolution.




Digitizing Retail

In store aisles, leading tech retailers were failing to educate shoppers about exponential improvements in PCs. Complicated paper fact sheets attempted to explain everything, but instead confused shoppers. Many walked out without buying. Intel used technical prowess to totally reinvent the aisle. Intelligent Point of Sale (IPOS) detects specs inside each device, and transforms them into a visually engaging, interactive experience. And the PC aisle was brought life digitally via the Shopper Recommendation Tool. Together, these tools increased shopper confidence, satisfaction and most significantly - spending - on Intel-powered devices.

  • Brand: Intel
  • Client: Intel
  • Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc

Olay Shelf Reinvention at Walmart

With impressive prestige growth and lackluster Olay business results at Walmart, we set out to ignite the Olay business at Walmart, which meant focusing on the core: the shelf. Our shopper was overwhelmed and frustrated in the Walmart skin care aisle, so we executed a simplified her shopping experience and gave her the inspiration and confidence she needed to close in-aisle. Ultimately, we exceeded program objectives by driving new, top sellers and regimen at the shelf.

  • Brand: Olay
  • Client: Procter & Gamble
  • Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi X
2017_sme_2017_e-75-032_hero_1 Olay The Olay Digital Aisle


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