Seasonal Marketing

This category will honor those efforts that effectively capitalized on a season, holiday or cultural event to drive results for their business. 



Alibaba Pyeongchang Olympic Campaign--To the greatness of small

Being an international technology giant, Alibaba values the greatness of small. The company believe in the power within small, and set the vision to make it easy to do business everywhere, empowering young people by giving each individual an equal chance to shine. Dislike most of the brands, as the Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Games, Alibaba’s value – To the greatness of small echoes with the Olympic spirits - encouraging everyone’s participation. The communication campaign aims to re-define the conventional perception on SMALL, inspiring people to recognize SMALL is powerful.

Brand: Alibaba
Client: Alibaba Group
Agency: Proximity Advertising (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

How Aldi won Christmas with the help of a humble carrot

Despite having a winning formula as a deep-discounter supermarket Aldi still had an issue at Christmas. Its core shoppers spent disproportionately more than average on making their Christmas special, but they didn’t spend it all with Aldi, trading up-and-out into other retailers. By creating and sticking with Kevin the Carrot over Christmas 2016-2017, Aldi stayed more top-of-mind for its shoppers, built an emotional connection with the brand and showcased its range. Aldi reduced its Christmas dip in market share and became the fastest growing supermarket of Christmas 2016 and 2017.

Brand: Aldi UK
Client: Aldi Stores
Agency: McCann Manchester

Halftime Bathroom Break

The Halftime Bathroom Break garnered 2.65 billion impressions and drew 96% positive reactions.Trended nationally in the Top 10 on twitter.Racked up 93.9 MM earned impressions without any paid support.

Brand: Febreze
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Grey New York

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