Seasonal Marketing

This category will honor those efforts that effectively capitalized on a season, holiday or cultural event to drive results for their business. 



Share in the true spirit of Ramadan

Whilst most avoid the potential backlash of culturally-insensitive advertising during Ramadan, McDonald’s simply couldn’t. Not when it repeatedly impacts our bottom-line. Instead of fighting a month of self-restraint with food-romance, we crafted a gripping narrative. This Ramadan, McDonald’s became the vehicle for all to share in the spirit of the holy month. Featuring the “Happy Sharing Box”, we showed how a simple act of sharing elevates Ramadan from being about connections amongst Muslims to connections amongst Singaporeans. And in sharing we too received: 11.5% increased sales, 20% increase on McDelivery.

Brand: McDonald's Singapore
Client: Hanbaobao Pte Ltd
Agency: DDB Group Singapore
Language: English

"Sapriss_": Lo que no se nombra no existe

Brand: Deportivo Saprissa
Client: Deportivo Saprissa
Language: Spanish

El mae de las Pastoras

Brand: Chevrolet
Client: Chevrolet
Language: Spanish

2020_uk_2020_e-489-306_hero_1 Boursin We summer, Oui Boursin
2019_ca_2019_e-167-461_hero_1 Canadian Paralympic Committee The Paralympic Network
2019_us_2019_e-4130-186_hero_1 Hallmark 2017 Retail Holiday Keepsakes Campaign

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