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Seasonal Marketing

This category will honor those efforts that effectively capitalized on a season, holiday or cultural event to drive results for their business. 




Morton Safe-T-Pet - A Safer Winter for All

Purchase of ice melt products is typically driven by necessity and impulse. Morton Salt's Safe-T-Pet generated proactive purchases by shifting the frame of reference from "weather necessity" to "pet must-have". We used a content marketing strategy aimed at driving an emotional connection with "Pet Parents". Morton Salt created a 90-second video starring two dogs, Lucy and George; best friends kept apart by the perils of paw-unfriendly ice-melt. Safe-T-Pet is the strong, silent hero that reunites them. The result: A full 60% increase in sales compared to the same period year over year.

  • Brand: Morton Salt
  • Client: Morton Salt
  • Agency: Neo@Ogilvy

The Co-Worker Collection

Let's be honest, when you think holiday shopping, we bet you don't think, “Office Depot Office Max!” Don't worry - it wasn't a destination anyone considered during the Holidays.  During a time when no one thought of us, "The Co-Worker Collection" transformed the tradition of office gifting by bringing in 14% new customers, doubling our sales goals, and solving an untouched human truth – all while spreading some passive aggressive cheer.  

  • Brand: Office Depot OfficeMax
  • Client: Office Depot OfficeMax
  • Agency: McCann New York

Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop

Nearly 75% of Canadians have been disappointed by a bad holiday gift in their lifetime. So Skittles gave them the opportunity to trade those unwanted gifts for something sweet. The Skittles Holiday Pawn Shop - a pop-up pawn shop in downtown Toronto - opened on Boxing Day 2015. For 5 days, thousands of customers brought in holiday items they didn't want to trade for what they did - a grand total of over 3 million Skittles. All items collected were then donated to one of Canadas largest charities.

  • Brand: Skittles
  • Client: Wrigley Canada
  • Agency: BBDO Toronto
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2017_na_2017_e-1346-748_hero_1 Microsoft Harmony for the Holidays
2017_na_2017_e-1206-256_hero_1 JetBlue Airways FlyBabies


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