Media Innovation - Emerging & New Channels

This award showcases those who had the insight and creativity to change the way a particular, emerging media channel is consumed or to create a new channel. 




The beginning of the summer outflow of customers from the pub coincided with the Champions League Final in Kyiv. In anticipation of the match the greedy Kyiv hotels increased the rent prices up to $3000 a night. Without having a big budget for advertising, the pub didn't just try to survive in the summer period, but also tried to resist the greedy hotels. Beer Point decided to work all night long to host the foreign fans. We created an invent on Facebook - #FairBnB - Fair Beer and Breakfast. Everyone could drink beer in the pub all night long and celebrate the victory of the beloved team. In the morning free toothbrushes, breakfast and on board!

Brand: Beer Point
Client: Beer Point
Agency: Kinograf
Language: English

Get on TNT

We have decided to bring some of the magical world of television directly to our viewer, where he is. To show TNT from the inside. "Get on TNT" project attracted a huge number of both loyal viewers and an absolutely new audience. As the results we incr channels share and ratings in regions: a.Share % TNT on 14-44 before campaign (01/17-0817)-10,4%,share,% TNT on 14-44 in the time of the campaign (09/17-12/17)-11,5% b.Share % TNT in small towns before campaign (01/17 - 08/2017)-10,5%, share,% TNT in the time of the campaign (09/17-12/17)-11,3% c.Share % TNT in big cities before campaign (01/17 - 08/2017)-10,7%, share,% TNT in the time of the campaign (09/17-12/17)-12,2%. *According to Mediascope. Russia 100к+,2017, 06:00-26:00, ALL 14-44

Brand: TNTbroadcast network
Client: TNT Broadcasting Network JSC
Agency: TNT Broadcasting Network
Language: English, Russian

Theraflu Flu Tracker based on Big Data analysis

The digital project Theraflu Flu Tracker is an innovative, socially useful service in the form of an interactive map of Russia that analyzes a huge array of relevant data and gives the most accurate forecast for the incidence of flu and cold for 10 days in advance for each city of Russia.

Brand: Theraflu
Client: GSK Consumer Healthcare Russia
Agency: MediaCom
Language: English, Russian

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