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Neki Ek Ibadat

Surf Excel stands for ‘Dirt is Good’ – Ramazan is a holy month symbolising purity. This is a story of how we linked dirt to the holy month of Ramzan. More importantly, this was the second year in a row we were doing it. We had to up the ante by bridging the gap between faith and dirt, once again. This is the story of how Surf Excel made consumers of Islamic faith fall in love with the brand in South Asia during Ramazan … yet again.

Brand: Surf Excel
Client: Hindustan Unilever Limited
Agency: Hindustan Unilever Limited
Language: English

How Snickers Got on its Game in Asia

Snickers wouldnt be the #1 chocolate bar in the world for long if it couldnt unlock Asia. We embraced the platform Youre not you when youre hungry as a recipe for local success to transform Snickers top Asian markets _ China, Korea, & Japan The campaigns success lay in overcoming shaky confidence from Asian management, entrenched local snacking behaviors and cultural irrelevance to create fame, drive growth at 2X times the category, increase market share by over 10% across the region, and create the fastest growing markets for Snickers globally.

Brand: Snickers
Client: MARS South East Asia
Agency: BBDO Hong Kong Ltd.
Language: English

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