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Effective marketing communications that incorporate sustainable strategies can make a positive difference for brands and for the environment.



Toss the Tube

Everyone throws out the toilet paper tube when the roll runs out. And while this small act seems harmless enough, these tubes actually add up to a massive amount of waste. In fact, in one year alone, the US throws away 17 Billion toilet paper tubes. Makes you think, what if we could eliminate all that waste? What if we could toss the tube for good? This simple thought is what became the centerpoint for the nation-wide launch of Scott Naturals Tube-Free.

Brand: Scott Naturals Tube-Free
Client: Kimberly-Clark

Small Cans, Big Impact

This case study shows how Unilever developed and launch new compressed deodorants that make the category more sustainable. The new can uses 50% less propellant, 28% less aluminum packaging and had a 25% lower carbon footprint per can. In 12 months, 12 million compressed cans were sold, achieving year-end targets 3 months ahead of schedule. Consequently, Unilever has potentially saved 1,670 tonnes of carbon in its first year equivalent to the average car travelling 302 times around the earth; and 77 tonnes of aluminum, enough to make 38,000 bikes.

Brand: Unilever Compressed Deodorants (Sure, Dove, Vaseline)
Client: Unilever UK

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