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Effective marketing communications that incorporate sustainable strategies can make a positive difference for brands and for the environment.



Who We Are Is What We Leave Behind

The National Parks recently celebrated their 100th birthday, but their survival for the next 100 is threatened by the very visitors that enjoy them. The problem? The 100 million pounds of yearly visitor generated trash. Subaru is determined to change that. Since 2004, the Subaru plant in Indiana has produced over 2.5 million vehicles and zero trash. Now, we would share this expertise with the National Parks. Along with operational assistance, we're using marketing and communications to raise awareness and educate visitors on their impact and how they can help.

Brand: Subaru of America
Client: Subaru of America
Agency: Carmichael Lynch

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

As the European Union made 2014 the European year against food waste, Intermarche, the 3rd largest supermarkets chain in France decided to rehabilitate the non calibrated and imperfect fruits and vegetables. Why? Because by doing so, everybody wins: consumers get the same quality products for cheaper, the growers get money for products that are usually thrown away and Intermarchincreased its business by selling a brand new line of products. Only one problem remains: how can we ensure customers actually buy these really ugly new products?

Brand: Intermarché
Client: Intermarché
Agency: MARCEL

The Scarecrow

Chipotle is known for its food, but few know that Chipotle has radically changed the fast food industry. Believing the more people know about Chipotle, the more they will become passionate loyal customers, Chipotle wanted to tell this story. The result: a content-driven marketing platform, Cultivate a Better World, designed to emotionally engage customers in Chipotle's journey to create a sustainable future. As a continuation of the platform, The Scarecrow game and film were created, generating a conversation about the state of processed food and its effect on our world.

Brand: Chipotle Mexican Grill
Client: Chipotle Mexican Grill
Agency: CAA Marketing

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