Data-driven media is the application of data and technology to identify and match the right audiences to the right message at the right moments.



Seagram Media Sponsorship Campaign

“간접광고(PPL)의 창의적 활용과 컨텐츠의 IMC 적 활용”
먼저, ‘씨그램’ 제품과 잘 어울리면서 제품을 잘 녹일 수 있는 프로그램. 또한, 화제성 있고, 어느 정도 시청률도 확보할 수 있는 프로그램으로 tvN의 <삼시세끼 어촌편>을 선정하였다. 이후 다양한 간접광고(PPL) 상품(Tool) 개발하고, 간접광고(PPL)를 통해 제품과 프로그램 Relevance를 강화하여 컨텐츠化하여 소비자에게 자연스럽게 노출하려는 전략을 활용하였다.

Brand: Seagram's
Client: Coca-Cola Korea
Agency: Universal McCann Korea
Language: Korean Programmatic's goal was to build a brand and become a clear category leader. Rather than rely on limited and general category data, we put in place a learning-based programmatic marketing plan designed to identify high-value targets. The target identification gained from programmatic media impacted our entire marketing plan. The result was a 2x increase of website visits, a 63% reduction in Costs-Per-Lead, and moving from #4 to #1 in key brand measures. All in 6 months.

Client: CoStar Group
Agency: RPA
Language: English

Serving What's Trending

We needed to reframe perceptions of Kraft Heinz declining dessert brands. Understanding how women's recipe seeking behavior changes daily with their social media feed, we realized they now have a taste for whats trending. Through precision targeting and automated messaging, we designed a dynamic programmatic solution that served micro-segments of Moms trending recipes we predicted would be most relevant to them using data. The campaign resulted in increased market share and brand favorability for Kraft Heinz dry packaged dessert brands.

Brand: Kraft Heinz Dry Packaged Dessert Brands: Jell-O, Cool Whip, JET-PUFFED and Bakers Chocolate
Client: The Kraft Heinz Company
Agency: Starcom
Language: English

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