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Branded Content

This category is for efforts that effectively reached their audience through the creation of original branded content that is not advertising.  The award honors branded content led ideas that are the heart of the communications program. 




Unwrapping A Love Story

After returning Extra to growth on the strength of one heartwarming ad, "Origami", there was still doubt about whether an emotional approach was viable for gum. Was it a one-hit-wonder, or the beginning of something more? It was a critical question for Wrigley, as Extra was its largest growth brand. We responded by creating a short film that quickly became one of 2016's most celebrated love stories. With this film at the heart of our communications, we more than quadrupled Extra's growth rate, even as the category declined.

  • Brand: Extra Gum
  • Client: Mars/Wrigley
  • Agency: Energy BBDO


IBMs latest global C-suite Study was set for release in 2015. Traditionally a valued source of insight into the business world, the impact of the Study had diminished thanks to competitive intrusions, lagging perceptions of IBMs consulting expertise, and shifts in content consumption behavior. The challenge was to re-build the Studys relevance, leverage it to build awareness of individual IBM Global Business Services experts, and restore the prestige and impact that it had recently lost.

  • Brand: IBM
  • Client: IBM
  • Agency: Ogilvy & Mather


Madden NFL is the most successful sports video game franchise in history. But after 26 years, we had lost relevance. To get Madden back into the pop culture conversation, we created a real-time GIF engine powered by trash talk, called the GIFERATOR, which fanned the flames of rivalry throughout the NFL season. Between developing a new content platform, speaking in the language of our audience, and becoming a certified meme, Madden managed to capture the attention of the Internet while initiating a new generation into the Madden Madness.

  • Brand: EA Madden NFL 15
  • Client: EA Sports
  • Agency: Heat
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