Branded Content & Entertainment

This category is for efforts that effectively reached their audience through the creation of original branded content that is not advertising.  The award honors branded content led ideas that are the heart of the communications program. 



VTB24 Refinancing: No one likes to overpay... and you needn’t!

Brand: VTB 24
Client: VTB 24
Agency: Instinct
Language: English, Russian

"GoGiga" - Vodafone auf dem Weg ins Gigabit-Zeitalter

Brand: Vodafone
Client: Vodafone
Agency: Jung von Matt
Language: German


In China, proprietary Chinese medicine advertisements are subject to a lot of regulations, mostly conservative and traditional. "Rongchang Antai" is a famous brand of acne medicine in China. The ant slogan of "Autumn Navel, Hemorrhoids" is familiar to the public for many years, but consumers can't understand the principle of applying navel to cure hemorrhoids. Advertising regular routes, using innovative and exaggerated techniques to shape the image of “small butt” and “small navel”, and strengthen the interaction between them through the interaction of “small ass” and “small navel” to solve consumer perception. The problem, the vivid and interesting story also breaks the tradition and attracts more attention from young consumers.

Brand: Gangtai
Client: Rongchang Pharmaceuticals
Agency: Cheil China
Language: Mandarin

2020_us_2020_e-4887-131_hero_1 Pearle Vision Restoring Dr. Pearle's Vision
2020_ch_2020_e-91-605_hero_1 UBS Hypotheken UBS und 20min suchen die beste Nachbarschaft der Schweiz
2020_us_2020_e-4604-183_hero_1 Ziploc Ziploc's Hail Mary on the NFL Season

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