Commerce & Shopper: Single-Retailer Program- Supermarkets

For campaigns that ran with a tailored, retailer-specific idea and executed that idea at a single retail supermarket chain.



Dia De Los Muertos with Hershey & H-E-B

It’s no question Halloween time is Hershey time. The majority of the confectioner’s sales are made during this season as shoppers stock up for social gatherings, but the specter of a global pandemic scared retailers like HEB to cut their themed bag orders by 18.3%, leaving a frightening $146K sales gap. But through sweet creativity, we conjured up a crafty way to drive purchase and capture the imagination of the HEB shopper, achieving an astounding 121.4% sell through.

Brand: The Hershey Company
Client: The Hershey Company
Agency: TPN
Language: English

“This is How TEXAS Does S’mores” with Hershey’s at H-E-B

Hershey faced a Texas-sized challenge: H-E-B took a bite out of s’mores' promotional season, cutting it by 4 weeks. Hershey needed to meet its yearly average of 6-pack sales and fill a $58K gap. Hershey played to H-E-B shoppers’ Tex-Mex tastes with This is How TEXAS Does S’mores, pairing classic s’mores fixings with audience-appealing ingredients in placements throughout the shopper journey. With the additional help of influencer content and paid media, Hershey exceeded its goals and increased orders by 26.4%, retail sales by 25.3%, and unit sales by 7.2%.

Brand: Hershey's
Client: The Hershey Company
Agency: TPN Retail
Language: English

Share a Pack with a Hero

In a category experiencing declines, Extra gum wanted to create an emotional connection with shoppers that would give them a reason to engage with the category again. Teaming up with Kroger and the USO, we gave shoppers a simple way to support for troops in November. When shoppers purchased a pack of Extra gum, we shared a pack with a hero. Aligning to the Extra brand campaign, “Give Extra, get extra”, the program instantly resonated with shoppers and led to 42% growth in Extra retail sales during that time period.

Brand: Extra Gum
Client: Mars Wrigley Confectionary
Agency: The Integer Group
Language: English

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