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What Pain? All Gain

When it comes to Dollar General, every single dollar counts. With extremely tight budgets, every purchase is at the expense of another and our shopper is being forced to make painful decisions about what they buy. Our program reinforced the superiority of Advil and highlighted value for our shopper, because when other pain relief doesn't work, our shoppers can’t work and provide for their family. The program resulted in incremental display, increased brand engagement, and a massive jump in sales. It truly was a pain-free experience for everyone involved.  

Brand: Advil
Client: Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
Agency: TracyLocke

Family Caregiving Club

We tripled Depend distribution by developing a custom-built test program for Sam's Club: the Family Caregiving Club. It was meticulously designed to drive conversion with an underserved, yet lucrative subset of the Sam’s Club community—caregivers who were in stores but not the incontinence aisle. We simplified “care shopping” by providing members with relevant cross-category solutions, savings, samples and exclusive content from wellness experts. By establishing Sam’s Club as their single source for support, we eliminated the need for a special Drug trip, giving back much needed time to caregivers. 

Brand: Depend
Client: Kimberly-Clark
Agency: KC ShopperConnect

"Safeguard Your Healthy Home" E-commerce Campaign

Brand: Safeguard
Client: P&G China
Agency: JD

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