Commerce & Shopper: Challenger Brand Solutions

This is an award for smaller, new, or emerging brands making inroads against big, established leaders.



Moldy Whopper

The fast food industry’s reputation is built on artificiality. Over the last five years, Burger King had been working hard to shatter this perception, ridding our food of artificial sources. By 2020, we'd finally achieved a 100% real version of the Whopper. To break from the industry’s bad reputation, we’d confront people with something undeniable: REAL food shouldn’t last forever. Moldy Whopper did just that, breaking all the rules in food advertising. Our bold move paid off: Quality ingredient perception: +26% Visitation consideration: +22.8% Whopper sales: +14% Total impressions: 2.9B

Brand: Burger King
Client: Restaurant Brands International
Agency: INGO Stockholm
Language: English

“Let Your Taste Wander”

We designed “Let Your Taste Wander” as a multimedia campaign to pique people’s curiosity about golden kiwi. Through animated video ads, print, a "Wander & Win" challenge, a microsite, social media, influencer partnerships, and in-store efforts, we engaged the demographic sweet spot, and enticed people to break from their boring shopping routines and place Zespri SunGold in their carts. Ultimately, SunGold’s sales increased 42.7% nationally in 2019 while overall U.S. fruit sales were flat, and the brand’s sales accounted for more than half of the entire kiwi category’s growth.

Brand: SunGold Kiwifruit
Client: Zespri North America
Agency: LRXD
Language: English

Supreme Source 10-Day Detox Pet Program

Despite two major competitive entrants in the category within key grocery accounts, the small, independent, family-owned brand of Supreme Source defended its space on shelf with a very minimal budget relative to the competition. Supreme Source disrupted the shopper’s routine with a compelling message and point of difference in the right places at the right times to help drive the best gross sales in company history. Supreme Source’s Detox campaign is a great example of marketing effectiveness by demonstrating how to spend smarter when you can’t spend bigger.

Brand: Supreme Source
Client: American Pet Nutrition
Agency: The Mars Agency
Language: English

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