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Recognizing non-profit organizations and associations  with marketing programs that have measurably shifted audience (B2B or B2C) behavior toward more environmentally sustainable choices, grown demand for more sustainable products and servi



Clean Our Cloud

Greenpeace's clean our cloud campaign raises the issue of how the decisions we make as consumer are having a negative impact on the environment. In a series of humorous videos, Greenpeace pokes fun at amazon, apple, and Microsoft while raising awareness of coal power data centers that power the "cloud". In just one month 215,000 people signed our clean our cloud petition, which then convinced apple to change their data centers to run off coal free, 100% renewable energy

Brand: Greenpeace
Client: Greenpeace Inc.
Agency: The VIA Agency

2018_ec_2018_65_hero_1 Sambito Naturaleza representada
2018_cn_2018_184_hero_1 Noblue Public Welfare Walk for Love
2018_cn_2018_319_hero_1 WildAid Slaughter Behind Rhino Horn Collection

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