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There's a Rang-tan in my Bedroom

Half of all orangutans have died because of it, but at the start of January 2018 who knew anything about palm oil? Greenpeace set us the daunting task of making palm oil as famous as single-use plastics, getting 200,000 petition signatures pressuring multinationals in the process. By the end of the year, Rang-tan helped amass 6 times that target with 1.2m signatures, and hit the headlines in time for Christmas. Rang-tan outstripped every expectation and shone a light on this little discussed issue.

Brand: Greenpeace
Client: Greenpeace.
Agency: Mother London
Language: English


Lebanon has been facing a trash crisis for years that has polluted its beaches and reputation. The Lebanese have never felt concerned and therefore, they have never taken any responsibility or reaction. Tapping into their most important currency, their polished image, the campaign used shame to move them, take the blame, unite and save their face and that of their country. 
In just 2 weeks from its inception to its execution, the campaign was able to rally more than 10,000 volunteers who cleaned over 120 beaches, in just one day. 

Brand: Lebanon's Ministry of Environment
Client: Republic of Lebanon Ministry of Environment
Agency: Impact BBDO Beirut

Recycle tin

Brand: Grupo Herdez
Client: Grupo Herdez
Agency: DDB México
Language: Spanish

2018_ec_2018_65_hero_1 Sambito Naturaleza representada
2018_cn_2018_184_hero_1 Noblue Public Welfare Walk for Love
2018_cn_2018_319_hero_1 WildAid Slaughter Behind Rhino Horn Collection

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