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Carpe Diem - Products

This award will go to those marketing ideas that had the ability to burn intensely for a finite period of time, putting a brand or product in a bright spotlight and creating immediate and measurable impact.




Imagine the Possibilities

By bringing Barbie's original purpose back to life with a single execution, we were able to reverse 12 consecutive quarters of sale declines and reclaim a place in the hearts of moms in just three months. The little rock we threw into the water with one piece of film, delivered a total of 709 million PR impressions and was soon watched by over 50 million people, shifting the conversation from what Barbie looks like to the possibilities she inspires in little girls.

  • Brand: Barbie
  • Client: Mattel
  • Agency: BBDO San Francisco

Unwrapping A Love Story

After returning Extra to growth on the strength of one heartwarming ad, "Origami", there was still doubt about whether an emotional approach was viable for gum. Was it a one-hit-wonder, or the beginning of something more? It was a critical question for Wrigley, as Extra was its largest growth brand. We responded by creating a short film that quickly became one of 2016's most celebrated love stories. With this film at the heart of our communications, we more than quadrupled Extra's growth rate, even as the category declined. 

  • Brand: Extra Gum
  • Client: Mars/Wrigley
  • Agency: Energy BBDO

The McWhopper Proposal

In 2015, Burger King was outspent, underarmed and overwhelmed in the incredibly competitive fast food category. Our idea began with an open letter in the New York Times; a peace offering to our biggest rival. Immediately the McWhopper idea took on a life of its own, making headlines across the country. While the campaign twisted its way through popular culture we continued to stoke the flames with iconic billboard placements, social influencers and a carefully crafted media kit disguised as a website. Although the offer was declined, the campaign was an overwhelming success - shifting all brand measures, selling a truckload of Burgers. Oh, and we helped World Peace, too...

  • Brand: Burger King
  • Client: Burger King
  • Agency: Y&R New Zealand
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