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This award will go to those marketing ideas that had the ability to burn intensely for a finite period of time, putting a brand or product in a bright spotlight and creating immediate and measurable impact.



Olives, stuffed olives

How to tell about the brand in a new way, keeping it recognizable? How to outrun competitors, if your range is 10 times narrower? How to explain people that Bonduelle is not only corn and peas, but also olives?.. We took a strong insight, added brand cues to the experimental visual solution and served to the target audience at the height of the season. Following the campaign, Bonduelle became the most recognizable brand in “Olives” and entered the top 3 in the category. We turned the consumer consciousness, formed over decades, in 1 month. Did you grow into such efficiency?

Brand: Bonduelle
Client: Bonduelle

The Blank Page

The Chicago Sun-Times was struggling to stay afloat due to steep declines in print journalism and structural changes. To survive, the paper needed to launch a new digital subscription, asking readers to pay for what was once free. To send a wake-up call to readers, they left their most valuable piece of real-estate – the front page – blank, asking Chicago to subscribe before it was too late. This bold appeal worked, not only making headlines across the country, but increasing digital subscriptions by 161% in just the first week.

Brand: Chicago Sun-Times
Client: Chicago Sun-Times
Agency: Ogilvy

FM Global Earthquake Simulator

FM Global needed to improve its visibility with a hard-to-reach C-suite audience. The opportunity was clear: many companies are underinsured and unprepared for natural disasters. We knew that people are great at denying facts, but intense experiences are different. To overcome disaster denial, we needed to shake up the industry – literally. So we decidedto rethink FM Global’s traditional title sponsorship of RIMS (the most important industry event all year), and stage an augmented reality “earthquake” at the conference.

Brand: FM Global
Client: FM Global
Agency: Ogilvy

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