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Service communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



How Lidl Grew A Lot

This is a case study in how brands grow.  Sustained investment in broad reach media drives a significant and continued increase in customer penetration, removing perception roadblocks to growth and delivering profitable growth. Penetration drives growth. Advertising drives penetration. Investing in share of voice over and above share of market allows a small challenger to take on established behemoths in a fiercely competitive market. Except that, as a result of the approach described in this paper, Lidl isn't so small anymore.

Brand: Lidl
Client: Lidl UK
Agency: TBWA\London

Ultra alta velocidad en un mercado de precio

Brand: Netlife
Client: Netlife
Agency: Brand Building

Young God

During its first years on the market Prudential built brand awareness rapidly. In order to further develop sales it was necessary to increase consideration, and break the passive attitude of consumers towards their future and life insurance. We created the “young god” who represented a careless attitude towards the future. We emphasized that without additional protection their high standard of life will drop significantly. Thanks to a strong insight, proper barriers identification and distinctive communication, we successfully convinced customers to protect their future, resulting in impressive consideration and sales increases.

Brand: Prudential
Client: Prudential
Agency: Publicis

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