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Service communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.



Stay Smart

By the time Holiday Inn Express joined the party, limited-service hotel segment had literally exploded in popularity and consumers had a full dance card of well-established competitors. That didn't stop Express from deciding to break in on the action with the lofty goal of establishing category leadership. Our strategy was to command attention: to leverage talk value and culture pass-along with breakthrough creative, to charm our way into consumers' cognition. Now in the campaign's sixth year, we have met and exceeded all of our brand and business performance goals, and "Stay Smart" continues to put heads in beds at our hotels across the nation.

Brand: Holiday Inn Express
Client: Holiday Inn Express
Agency: Fallon Worldwide

Jack's Back

In January 1993, a tragic outbreak of E. Coli linked to Jack in the Box restaurants in the Northwest resulted in the death of four children and made hundreds seriously ill. Jack in the Box soon fell near bankruptcy as confidence in the brand disappeared. In January 1995, the new campaign, "Jack's Back," was introduced to save the brand and make Jack in the Box a viable competitor in fast food again. Nearly eight years and 175 spots later, the campaign helped Jack in the Box not only recover, but prosper with record sales and earnings, geographic expansion, and its stock price climbing 559%.

Brand: Jack in the Box
Client: Jack in the Box
Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing

Elite Warrior

Facing the toughest recruitment environment since the all-volunteer military force was initiated, the United States Marine Corps continues to make its recruiting mission. Even with increased competition from competitors with greater resources, the Marine Corps' total branding campaign differentiates itself from those competitors by remaining true to its character and by demonstrating that character in all facets of its advertising and marketing programs. Over time, the Marines' "Elite Warrior" campaign has evolved to continue to appeal to our target audience and has remained true to the Marines' brand image as "elite warriors".

Brand: United States Marine Corps
Client: United States Marine Corps
Agency: JWT

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