Disease Awareness & Education: Non-Profit

Public health and non-profit cause marketing efforts produced to raise awareness/education about specific health conditions. Efforts targeted to either healthcare professionals, patients and/or consumers are eligible for this award. 



This is Quitting

In 2019, vaping was so popular that young people felt they had no way out. We had to create permission for young people to begin their quitting journeys. Telling them to quit would come off as finger wagging; we had to make quitting feel just as rebellious as vaping itself. So we created a nationwide, can’t-miss party of JUUL destruction – and invited would-be quitters to join in. Effectively, we doubled young people’s intent to quit vaping and grew This is Quitting signups by 160%.

Brand: truth
Client: Truth Initiative
Agency: 72andSunny Los Angeles
Language: English

My Vaping Mistake

In 2019, an entire generation of teens were becoming addicted to nicotine. One in three teens were currently vaping, a behavior they considered harmless. Five months after launching, we exposed teens to The Real Cost’s “My Vaping Mistake” series and asked them what they thought of vaping. A third of exposed teens felt that vaping caused significant anxiety, and 9 out of 10 were now aware of the serious mental and physical health risks of vaping.

Brand: The Real Cost
Client: Center for Tobacco Products
Agency: FCB New York
Language: English

#MyWishForMoms gives voice to postpartum depression

There’s a critical need to break the profound silence surrounding postpartum depression. The #1 complication of pregnancy, more than 513,000 women suffer annually -- double those diagnosed with breast cancer. Yet there are no ribbons or national promotions for its awareness. And fewer than 15% of these mothers receive treatment. We set out to change that. We broke that silence with our #MyWishForMoms campaign and postpartum depression survivor Chrissy Teigen. Together we generated over 19 million interactions on this closeted subject from women in all 50 states and 130 countries.

Brand: Allegheny Health Network
Client: Highmark Health
Agency: Doner
Language: English

2021_he_2021_e-6140-027_hero_1 California Department of Public Health - Tobacco Control Program Nicotine Equals Brain Poison
2021_he_2021_e-6388-086_hero_1 South Dakota Department of Social Services “Meth. We’re On It.” A Successful Anti-Drug Campaign
2020_he_2020_e-5258-187_hero_1 The Real Cost Epidemic

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