Any effort whose success was dependent on effectively connecting with a specific cultural or lifestyle group, e.g.  African-American, Asian, Hispanic, LGBT, People with Disabilities, etc.   



Doritos Rainbows

Following a contentious ruling in favor of same-sex marriage in 2015, a brand took a stand. Doritos came out to support the LGBT community and raise awareness about suicide among LGBT teens. The Doritos Rainbows initiative took a hands-on approach to LGBT support. It didn't "make a cause" online; it made a product. It didn't cut a check; it donated its products to supporters of young people struggling against anti-gay bullying. And on the basis of PR impressions generated, it was the largest stand-alone product launch in Frito-Lays history.

Brand: Doritos
Client: Frito-Lay North America, Inc.
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Language: English

Tide washes away hurtful labels

Regardless of the country they originate from, Hispanics have been labeled for many years, especially those of Mexican origin, 70% of the cohort, followed by Cubans, the next largest group. Naturally, their use is deplorable and many people who are labeled suffer huge blows to their self-worth. These labels soil their spirit, making them self-conscious and ashamed of the image they portray.  As the leading laundry detergent renowned for cleaning and removing stains, Tide recognized the effect these emotional stains create and raised awareness of the need to wash them away. 

Brand: Tide
Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: Conill
Language: English

Mas Que Un Auto: More Than A Car

The Mas Que Un Auto campaign celebrates Latino Toyota owners loyalty for the brand and love for their Toyotas. The platform empowers owners to express themselves through the brand by naming their vehicles and having a high-quality badge with said name produced and delivered to them at no cost. The badges quickly became social objects as a result of many proud owners sharing them as never seen before in the social space. Consequently, Mas Que un Auto became the highest user generated content campaign in the history of the brand to date, and surpassed every benchmark.

Brand: Toyota
Client: Toyota Motor Sales USA
Agency: Conill
Language: English

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