Age Specific

Efforts targeting a specific age range such as kids, tweens, teens, young adults or seniors.



Mom doesn't go home tonight

Mead Johnson and Jingdong teamed up to create #我夜辣妈不回家# Battle, facing the e-commerce flow fragmentation challenge, Mead Johnson built an emotional connection with the new generation of mother with precise consumer insight into the young mothers’ night milk behavior habits. With creative leveraging Jingdong, mother and child platform, big promotion of rich resources, and successfully create "product efficiency" of the e-commerce campaign.

Brand: Mead Johnson
Client: Mead Johnson China
Agency: VML Social
Language: Mandarin

Get to Know Sun Life

In a bleak economic landscape, Canadian based Sun Life Financial saw an opening to seize a larger stake in the U.S. The only problem was that nobody had ever heard of them. Enter Karl and Miles, two Sun Life employees who loved their company so much they hatched a brilliant yet absurd plan to make it famous. They posted their adventure online and Sun Life's recognition skyrocketed, especially when Miami's Dolphin Stadium was renamed 'Sun Life Stadium'. To boot, their variable annuities increased 128%, total earnings increased 122% and annuity profits more than doubled.

Brand: Sun Life Financial
Client: Sun Life Financial
Agency: The Martin Agency
Language: English

Many, Many Reasons

Canned food has come to seem low-quality and highly-processed. To bring Campbell's Condensed soup from the dusty recesses of Baby Boomers? pantries, and onto their tables, we had to dispel many, many misperceptions. Research helped us identify compelling, convincing facts that gave Boomers 'many, many reasons' to rediscover Campbell's soup as authentic nourishment; real food, from real farms. And when we fed them facts, they ate more soup. Significant changes in Boomer's perception of Campbell's Condensed lead to +.10% growth in share.

Brand: Campbell's
Client: Campbell Soup Company
Agency: BBDO
Language: English

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