Brand Experience: Live

This category showcases how a brand experience beyond traditional advertising can be created. Work that brings a brand or product to life and interacts with a specific target through live experiences should be entered.



National Down Syndrome Society, C21 Dinner

People with DS are among the most discriminated groups in the US, held back by multiple laws that prevent them from living independent lives. As a result, NDSS functions as a human rights organization with a mission to create change through legislation and advocacy. This case not only challenged and changed the way lawmakers see people with DS, it helped pass a law that brings independence within reach.  

Brand: National Down Syndrome Society
Client: National Down Syndrome Society
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New York

Prescribed to Death

How can you get Americans to take the threat of prescription opioids seriously when they don’t believe addiction can happen to them? This was National Safety Council's challenge as they sought to combat the surging prescription opioid epidemic. The provocative program was anchored by a memorial, an immersive data visualization that helped people see themselves in the crisis and confronted them with their own vulnerability to addiction. The program established NSC as a national leader in safety and gave 1 million+ Americans a tool to protect themselves from addiction.

Brand: National Safety Council
Client: National Safety Council
Agency: Energy BBDO

Davivienda Varr 2018

Dejamos de hacer publicidad para enfocarnos en transmitir experiencias. Fuimos una de las marcas más recordadas durante el mundial, superando a nuestra competencia e incluso a algunos patrocinadores oficiales de la selección Colombia. Según Shazam, Fuimos 5 veces más efectivos que el benchmark en LATAM y el mundo en experiencias de realidad aumentada generadas en televisión. Implementamos de manera exitosa técnicas de grabación de audio binaural, un campo poco conocido en la región. Nos reafirmamos como la marca más divertida durante el mundial. 

Brand: VARR Davivienda
Client: Davivienda
Agency: Leo Burnett Colombia

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