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Bleed For The Throne

Entering its final season, Game of Thrones didn’t just want to create excitement, it wanted to channel fans’ passion for the greater good. We realized that fans’ loyalty to the show is so intense we could dare them to make extreme sacrifices to prove their devotion. A harsh winter had created a blood shortage, offering the perfect cause. We inspired hundreds of thousands of GoT fans to sacrifice theirs, filling the shortfall 13-fold, providing blood for over 100,000 operations and adding an army of first-timer donors to the donor pool.

Brand: Game of Thrones
Client: HBO
Agency: Droga5
Language: English

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National Down Syndrome Society, C21 Dinner

People with DS are among the most discriminated groups in the US, held back by multiple laws that prevent them from living independent lives. As a result, NDSS functions as a human rights organization with a mission to create change through legislation and advocacy. This case not only challenged and changed the way lawmakers see people with DS, it helped pass a law that brings independence within reach.  

Brand: National Down Syndrome Society
Client: National Down Syndrome Society
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New York
Language: English

Break Bread Smash Stigma

HIV isn’t the death sentence it once was, but HIV stigma lives on. Myths persist about how the disease is spread. As a world-leader in HIV/AIDS care, Casey House wanted to challenge this ignorance with truth and compassion. We found 50% of Canadians wouldn’t knowingly accept food from someone who is HIV positive. To challenge this stigma, we launched the first-ever eatery where all the chefs were HIV+: June’s. 515 earned stories; one billion earned media impressions; $35k budget; educated 730,000 Canadians; documentary picked up by HBO; $120,000 in donations.

Brand: June’s HIV Positive Eatery
Client: Casey House
Agency: Bensimon Byrne / Narrative / OneMethod
Language: English

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