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Tsingtao Beer & GF "Toast the Offense, Defend the Prettiness" Crossover Cooperation Campaign

The FIFA World Cup is a time of football fan fest. GF, a red-hot brand in men's skin care, and Tsingtao, a green-labeled leading brewery, grabbed the football fans’ insight and announced their crossover cooperation. The two brands seized the fans insight “watching the ball needs to drink beer to help refuel, while staying up late will lead to the face of the oil”, Cheering (adding oil, literally) and oil control might seem contradictory. But they contributed to good teamwork, just like offense and defense. It took no time for the gift box to be ranked super resource for Tmall Super Couple Day and become the most prevailing care package for late night games.

Brand: Tsingtao Beer & GF
Client: Tsingtao Brewery
Agency: Max Communication
Language: Mandarin

Launching the best credit card for digitally native Douyin users

In the era of mobile payment, China Everbright Bank Credit Card has been fading away from the young generation who no longer use a credit card. To counter this, we’ve decided to leverage the incentive of young generation’ purchasing decision – Douyin. Douyin in today, is the go-to social network for young generation who want to choose destinations to visit on their next getaway. Therefore, CEB released a ‘Douyin Wanghong Credit Card’ which provides tailored privileges and experiences with over 50 Douyin landmarks offers, including dining, travel, and lifestyle. The campaign has generated numerous of within a week. It successfully created a consumption trend of 'Use CEB card and check in a wonderful life', and was noted as the best credit card for entertainment spending.

Brand: China Everbright Bank Credit Card Center
Client: China Everbright Bank Credit Card Center
Agency: Ocean Engine
Language: Mandarin

Polar Promotion Doggy

Seafood Restaurants are the main approach to beer sales in Taiwan, and every beer brand utilizes hot ladies to promote in the restaurants to create sales. Taiwan Beer broke the tradition and unprecedentedly utilized polar sled doggies to represent low temperatures and the idea that "Only 18 Days Taiwan Draft Beer is preserved at a low temperature 0-7℃ throughout the entire distribution and storage process." The doggies delivered Only 18 Days Taiwan Draft Beer in the restaurants and interacted with customers, creating an amazing outcome within the market situation and consumer habits.

Brand: Taiwan Beer
Client: Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation
Agency: Uni-Smart Advertising
Language: English, Mandarin

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