Brand Experience: Virtual/360

This category showcases how a brand experience beyond traditional advertising can be created. Work that brings a brand or product to life and interacts with a specific target through virtual/360 experiences should be entered.




How to make Generation Z, which is deceit- and traditional marketing- resistant, relate to a brand? Play came up with #GamersGonnaPlay communication platform, which embraced developed communication with leading gaming influencers, participation in the biggest e-sport events, dedicated product offer and engaging activation. The whole media and content eco-system created around gamers’ world opened the possibility of building relations on unprecedented level. Activities led on marketing- undeveloped area contributed to a meaningful increase of the most important parameters, and most importantly, increased sale.

Brand: Play
Client: Play
Agency: MediaCom Warsaw

The paper gram challenges the real gram

Brand: LG PC GRAM15
Client: LG Electronics
Agency: Directorscompany

Sweetheart, move away from the cash desk!

Our campaign solves a complex and very relevant task – bring consumers from offline to online. In fact, this means scrapping the habit of buying bus tickets at the ticket office and developing trust to buying tickets online. The problem is that bus tickets aren't household appliances or clothes (after all, Ukrainians have already been taught how to make such purchases on the Internet). Being the absolute leader in its segment, Busfor company came out with communication, moving forward the whole ticket E-commerce. Thus, "more purchases of bus tickets online" in our case turned into "more purchases of bus tickets on".


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