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Oreo - Do you speak Oreo?

Oreo is the number 1 biscuit brand in the world, but in France and Belgium it’s only a challenger and recent brand facing a decline in sales for 3 years in a row. Its global footprint as a family brand is not relevant to the competition landscape and the product perception in France and Belgium. We had to change that through a local new positioning targeting young adults and aiming at connecting the brand to them.

Brand: Oreo
Client: Oreo
Agency: Buzzman
Language: English

Magic Retouch by L'Oréal Paris

The Roots Family was not just new for Magic Retouch, it also broke new ground for the hair color category. It was eccentric and cinematic in its look and feel, whimsical and irreverent in its tone. We told the story of family bound together by genetics and the roots secret it could not contain, discovering a new product that saved them all. In the process, we welcomed new consumers in new channels and set the standard for a pillar of the L'Oréal Paris family of products. 

Brand: L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch
Client: l'Oréal Paris
Agency: McCann Paris
Language: English

The Baileys Turnaround Story

Across Europe the story was the same; people liked Baileys but had no reason to consume. Baileys had become a dusty bottle at the back of people’s cupboards. It was reassuring to have it there, but rarely brought out. By facing the harsh realities of declining sales, low relevance and a growing skepticism within the Diageo business. We repositioned the brand, created a new strategy, approach and deployment to turn Baileys around. From sales, ROI and internal belief, this is a story of delivering effectiveness across every benchmark.

Brand: Baileys
Client: Diageo (Global)
Agency: Mother London
Language: English

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